Raven Hearts

Raven Hearts is a pretty girl and is the cousin of Lizzie Hearts and Raven Queen. Her hair is in the style of Raven Queen's, but she is closer to her other cousin, Lizzie Hearts. She is friends with Raven Queen, although she feels better around the Wonderlandians!


She loses her temper frequently, just like her aunt, the Queen of Hearts from Wonderland. She also tries to control her temper like her cousin, Lizzie Hearts. She is often nice and helps people.


She wears a black dress and has red hair with black highlights.


Her mom is the Evil Queen of Hearts, her aunt is the Red Queen of Hearts from Wonderland and her cousins are Raven Queen+ Lizzie Hearts.

Friends and RomanceEdit

Her friends are the Wonderlandians and Raven Queen, and she is not in love with anyone.