Lizzie Lockes (OC)

Lizzie Lockes  is a very friendly royal and the youngest cousin of Lizzie Hearts and Blondie Lockes. Lizzie Lockes is Raven Hearts younger sister.


Lizzie Lockes is friendly, but sometimes says Wonderlandian things like her older cousin, Lizzie Hearts.


Lizzie has short black hair, which she doesn't adore, but her mom, Yellow Hearts, cuts her hair very short. She also wears a lavender dress with an purple ruffle and tan high heels

True Hearts DesireEdit

Lizzie's desire is to have long hair with red streaks on it, just like Lizzie Hearts and wear Blondie's crown.


Lizzie is the daughter of Yellow Hearts, or the fandom character, The Queen of Yellow Hearts in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. She is the cousin of Lizzie Hearts and Blondie Lockes. 


Lizzie Lockes fairytale is Alice's Adventure in Wonderland.

Friends and RomanceEdit

Lizzie Lockes's friends include the Wonderlandians, Apple White, and Briar Beauty. She hates Raven Queen and completely denies her. Lizzie Lockes and Maddie are kind of frenemies and she is currently dating Pip White (OC).