Lilly Ella is the 2nd daughter of Cinderella and is the sister of Ashlynn Ella and Lola Ella. She is really nice and a Rebel just like Lola Ella.

Personality Edit

She is nice just like her sister Lola Ella. She helps students in class and her aunt, Aunt Stepie, one of the evil step librarians doesn't like this.


Lilly Ella has blond hair with red bleach at the ends. Her hair is tied in a ponytail, just like Lola Ella, her sister. Lilly wears a purple tanktop with a white miniskirt and wears only tennis shoes. She hates wearing glass slippers even though Ashlynn Ella tells her to, because she doesn't want to show off as an evil stepsister.


Lilly Ella is the daughter of Cinderella and the sister of Ashlynn Ella and Lola Ella. The family consists of almost all Rebels.


Lilly Ella is dating Prince Loke. She is rivals with C.A. Cupid.


Lilly Ella's BFFA's are supposed to be Lola Ella and Faybelle Thorn

Where can she be found?Edit

At the Rebels common room, helping others.


Lilly Ella has a Golden Retriver named Furball.

Other InfoEdit

  • Her roomate is Lola Ella.
  • She is friends with Raven Queen.