Kitty Cheshire from the webisode Stark Raven Mad

Kitty Cheshire is a student of Ever After High. Like her mother, the Cheshire Cat, she loves causing mischief. She is a Rebel for unknown reasons.


She is mischievous and loves causing trouble around the school. Secretly, she can be kind at times, and is quite smart for a half cat.

"I am a Chesire. I am chaos." - Kitty in A Wonderlandiful World


Kitty wears her purple hair in two twin tails and wears a purple dress. She mainly dresses in purple and wears a black hat that is designed like a cat, which has a blue, wide, toothy smile, two ears, a nose and whiskers. She has bright blue eyes with cat-like pupils.


She is the daughter of the Cheshire Cat.


She is currently not dating anyone.


Kitty is friends with Duchess Swan,her roommate, Maddie Hatter and her other fellow Wonderlandian friend, Lizzie Hearts.

Where Kitty can be foundEdit

In her tree by the woods


Kitty has a pet caterpillar called Carrolloo and a few other cats.


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