Ivy Pan
Ivy Pan
Daughter of Peter Pan
Born May 8th
Side Rebel
Roommate Tara Maid
Secret Heart's Desire To have a adventure like no other.
My "Magic" Touch I can control plants (especially Ivy!)
Storybook Romance Status I'm not really bothered about that stuff at the minute.
Favourite Subject Environmental magic.
Least Favourite Subject To tell the truth, I like all my classes.
BFFA's Tara Maid & Thea Wish
Star Sign Torus
Favourite Food I like most home cooked food, but my fav is probably Spaghetti Bolognese.
Quote "Let's live life as if it's an adventure."


Ivy Pan is very kind, friendly and adventurous. She is proud of her destiny but wants to live her life her way, so she is a Rebel.


Ivy has bright blue eyes and curly dark green and black hair.


Ivy is the daughter of Peter Pan from the tale Peter Pan, she has a close relationship with her father.


Ivy is friends with most Rebels but her best friends are Raven Queen, Madeline Hatter, Tara Maid and Thea Wish. She is also good friends with Cerise Wolf, Cedar Wood and some Royals like Dexter Charming, Apple White, Rosie Beauty and Ashlynn Ella who Ivy often partners with in Environmental magic class.


Ivy has a pet turtle called Splash, the two often play in the waterfalls on Never land.


Ivy is currently not dating and she is not looking for a boyfriend at the moment.

Outfit: BasicEdit

Ivy wears a long black top with light purple sleeves. Over her long top she wears an olive green sash around her waist that has teal edging with a large knot embellishment and her skirt is bright red. Ivy has a brown belt with a gold buckle and she has ivy vine bracelets on each wrist. She also has knee high black boots with ivy going up the legs. Ivy has a green bag with a shoulder strap and a star charm on the strap.