Holly O'Hair Card

Holly O'Hair is the daughter of Rapunzel and has a twin sister called Poppy who is younger than her by a hair, so it Holly's legacy to be the next Rapunzel. Living in the tower and reading lots as enabled her to know her story inside out. Holly has to have her hair cut every day otherwise it gets out of control.


Holly is afraid of heights and she loves her story.


Holly has green-blue eyes, very long strawberry-blonde hair, with a single long braid and a headdress made of pale purple flowers. She wears a lilac and pink top with lace-up sleeves, with a black and gold braid collar and a gold belt over the top. A long flowing lilac skirt that is shorter at the front, patterned with gold vines and cerise flowers, grey tights and gold shoes with white flower motifs on the front. Holly wears a bunched necklace of flowers, gold drop earrings in the shape of tiny hairbrushes, a gold bangle and a gold ring in the shape of a pencil.


Her mother is Rapunzel and she has a twin sister called Poppy. After a mix up with the birth certificates, it is now known that Poppy is destined to be the next Rapunzel but Holly and her sister have agreed to keep it a secret as they both wish things to stay as they are. They have a nanny called Nanny Nonna.


She has a huge crush on Daring Charming


Holly is best friends with Blondie Lockes and also her sister Poppy O'Hair.

Where Holly Can Be FoundEdit

At the Tower Hair Salon.


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Other InformationEdit

  • Holly enjoys reading and brushing her hair. She also writes fashion articles for the school newspaper
  • Holly's roommate is her sister Poppy O'Hair
  • Quote: "Living outside the tower"