Giles Grimm
Giles Grimm from the webisode The Tale of Legacy Day
Brother of Milton Grimm.

Giles Grimm, the brother of Milton Grimm, the headmaster at Ever After High. The brothers were meant to run the school together but Milton did not like that Giles thought the students should or could choose their own destines, so he cursed Giles with a babbling spell and locked him in the Vault of Lost Tales, which is where he still resides.


Giles Grimm seems a kindly man/professor and is very welcoming when Madeline Hatter and Raven Queen visit him for advice in the webisode, The Tale Of Legacy Day.


Giles has shaggy grey hair and a long grey beard. He wears half rimmed glasses on the tip off his nose and his appearance is quite scruffy, with patches on his jacket and mismatched socks, along with a shoe lace missing from one of his old sneakers.


Giles has a brother, Milton Grimm.