Evil Queen


Evil Queen is kind and misunderstood. She is always being forced to be “evil” just because it is her destiny. Evil sees this as unfair and wishes not to go to Ever After High and to be who she wants instead.


Evil has black hair with purple and midnight blue streaks, she wears her hair in a high ponytail. She has bright vivid purple eyes.


Her mother was the last Evil Queen from the tale Snow White. In her future, she will have a daughter named Raven Queen.


Evil would love to be friends with Snow White and the other princesses but they never notice her and always say "NO" whenever she asks to hang out. She is Best friends with Red Hood but the two cannot hang out much because headmaster Grimm is always forcing her to be friends with the other witches or “Cacklers” as she calls them.


Evil has a pet Dragon named For-Evermore.


Evil is deeply in love with someone at Ever After High but he is not part of her destiny. She keeps her feelings a secret for that reason.

Evil’s StoryEdit

Later in her life Evil signed the Storybook of Legends and condemned herself to the story she does not want. After her story, Red tells Evil of her marriage to Big Badwolf. This made Evil feel so bad that people can’t choose their own destiny and now her friend will have to keep her life a secret, possibly forever. Evil made a choice. She was going to put a stop to this the only way she knew how, she was going to destroy all the story’s. After her rampage and the birth of her daughter, Raven, Evil was captured and sent to mirror prison.

So as you see, Evil is not bad, she just Rebelled the wrong way.