Duchess Swan's Card

Duchess Swan Card

Duchess Swan is a mean and bitter Royal. She wants to steal other student's destinies. Her story includes a Prince, but she loses him at The End. She tends to dance rather than walk and she can transform into a swan.


Duchess Swan is mean and bitter, taunting Raven Queen in the first EAH book, the Storybook of Legends.


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Duchess is the daughter of Odette, the Swan Queen


She has a secret crush on Daring Charming, which she doesn't want to admit.


Duchess's friends are Lizzie Hearts and Sparrow Hood. Faybelle Thorn is her best friend.

Where Duchess can be foundEdit

Duchess can be found dancing in her dorm room or taunting new students with Faybelle


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Other InformationEdit

  • Duchess helped in her unique way to rid Book End of the Marsh King in the webisode, Duchess Swan's Lake.