Dexter Charming Card

Dexter Charming is a Royal and believes that he is lacking in the family traditon of having the charm needed to be a Prince Charming. He has enchanting eyes make girls swoon when he takes off his glasses, ironically, he needs to wear them all the time as he has a hard time seeing without them!


He is quite shy and completely unaware of his charming good looks. He is friendly and kind and wishes he had the natural charm he thinks his brother, Daring has.


Dexter's brown hair is styled in a fauxhawk and he wears a thin crown. He wears square black glasses over his blue eyes.


Dexter Charming has an older brother, Daring Charming, he has a younger sister, Darling and he is the son of King Charming.


Dexter thinks C.A. Cupid is a wicked awesome friend. His Best Friends Forever After are Hunter Huntsman and his brother Daring Charming. He has a crush on Raven Queen and enjoys hanging out with


Although Dexter is friends with C.A. Cupid, he doesn't seem to be aware that she has a crush on him. Dexter has a crush

Where Dexter Can Be FoundEdit

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Dexter has a pet jackalope.

Other InformationEdit

  • He is enemies with Lizzie, as she would not lend him the salt in the castleteria.
  • Dexter's roommate is Hunter Huntsman.

Classes Dexter Attends:

  • Hero Training
  • Science and Sorcery
  • Advanced Wooing Class