Daring saving Briar, the webisode Apple's Tale

Daring saving Briar

Daring Charming is a Royal and is encouraged by his father, King Charming, to follow his destiny.


He is very confident and vain, adores looking at his own reflection. He is very charming and ready to help a damsel in distress. He believes he is brave, goodlooking, kind, goodlooking, thoughtful, good looking.


Daring has blue eyes, bright blonde hair and has bright white teeth and he wears a large gold crown.


Daring is the son of King Charming and he has a younger brother, Dexter Charming and Darling Charming is his little sister.


Although it would appear that Daring and Apple White are destined to marry, they do not date exclusively. In the webisode, Lizzie Hearts Fairytale First date, Daring is dared to ask Lizzie out on a date and he ends up liking her.


As well as friends with his brother Dexter and Hunter, he is friends with Hopper Croakington II and they hang out with Sparrow Hood also.

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Daring got a pet peacock in Legacy Year, proud like himself.

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