Celadine Lockes is the younger sister of Blondie Lockes. She is a Rebel because she doesn't want to get chased by bears... well actually she is Royally Rebellious, who is going to change a part of her story!

Celadine Lockes

Personality Edit

She is nice to others and doesn't attempt to open doors like her sister, Blondie. She doesn't steal things aka "borrow" according to Blondie Lockes. She is also into fashion and models dresses with Poppy O' Hair... :)

Appearance Edit

She has blond hair and blue eyes. Her lips are a dramatic dark pink and she wears a red dress. She also wears blue high heels that her mom bought her.

Family Edit

She is the daughter of Goldilocks and the sister of Blondie Lockes.

Friends and Romance Edit

She isn't really friends with her sister, but is friends with Briar Beauty, Apple White, Poppy O' Hair, and Ashlynn Ella. Her BFFAs are her sister, Poppy, Briar, and Apple White. She is currently in love with Pip White. Her rommate is Ebony Queen.