Cedar Wood Card

Cedar Wood is the daughter of Pinnochio from the story, The Adventures of Pinocchio and just like her father, she wants to be a real girl. Cedar has a curse and is unable to tell a lie so her friends know they have to be careful not to tell her secrets. Cedar cannot keep secrets because she has to tell the truth. She supports Raven in her choice not to sign the Storybook of Legends. Cedar states she has real friends and real feelings even though she is not a real girl yet.


Cedar is quite creative and enjoys Arts & Crafts at Ever After High. She is very understanding about her friends not being able to tell her things. She is forced to tell the truth but would really like to be able to decide what to say and what not to say.


Cedar has long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She is made of cedar wood. Cedar wears a cricket hair slide in her hair.


Her father is Pinocchio and she has a grandfather, Gepetto. Cedar has no siblings


Cedar is not interested in romance at the present time.


Her Best Friends Forever After are Raven Queen, Cerise Hood and Madeline Hatter.

Where Cedar Can Be FoundEdit

Swimming in the school's pool


Cedar has a wooden cuckoo bird as a pet.

Other InformationEdit

  • Cedar swims very well as she is made of wood.
  • Cedar roommate is Cerise Hood.

Classes Cedar Attends:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Woodshop
  • Chemythstry