Carrolloo from the webisode The Cat Who Cried Wolf
Carrolloo is Kitty Cheshire's caterpillar. As Carrolloo wears a ribbon it is assumed that it is a she.

Personality Edit

Carrolloo seems to enjoy Kitty's mischievous nature and smiles when Kitty is up to no good. She also joins in at times with Kitty's mischievous ways, as in the Webisode The Cat Who Cried Wolf, Carrolloo helps Kitty by opening the container that contains the deer to entice Cerise to run fast.


Carrolloo is pale blue and pale lavender with mid blue twin dots running down the underside of her body and pale blue, mid blue and darker blue stripes on the upperside of her body. Carrolloo has lavendar eyes and a blue ribbon tied around one of her antennae.

Name Edit

Lewis Carroll wrote the story 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' and it could be safely assumed that Carrolloo's name is taken from the author's surname as the spelling of the 'Carroll' part of 'Carrolloo' is the same.

Ever After High™ - The Cat Who Cried Wolf

Ever After High™ - The Cat Who Cried Wolf