Badwolf Cerise's Picnic Panic

Professor Badwolf

Badwolf is a teacher of General Villainy at Ever After High, the husband of Little Red Riding Hood, and the father of Cerise Hood. He is not very nice to his students and only teaches students that aren't Royalty, such as Raven Queen.


Badwolf is gruff and very mean to his students. When he sees his daughter, Cerise Hood, he comforts a little bit and winks at her.


Badwolf can be in wolf form or in his regular man form. He is a were wolf and has grey-ish hair.


Badwolf rebelled from his story, Little Red Riding Hood. He became the husband of Little Red Riding Hood, when he was supposed to play the part of Red's 'fake grandma.' They later gave birth to their daughter, Cerise Hood who now attends Ever After High.


Badwolf is the husband of Little Red Riding Hood. They met in their story.