• Baba Yaga in Class Confusion
  • Baba Yaga in Stark Raven Mad
  • Baba Yaga Giving Out a First Assignment

Baba Yaga is the adviser of anyone who is not royalty and she teaches Home Evil-nomics at Ever After High. Another adviser at her level is the White Queen. Well, she is Raven Queen's advisor. When her advises act like wet cats, she sprays them in their face with a spray bottle. She lives in a cottage that walks around the school grounds on chicken legs and in 'The Storybook of Legends' it is described as a round, thatch-roofed cottage lurking in a stone courtyard. Also in the book it is described that Baba Yaga sits crossed legged on a stool that appeared to hover slightly above the floor.


Baba Yaga can be severe and stern but is a popular adviser.


Baba Yaga has a red cloak over her grey hair. Her hair has braids and birds bones in it. 'The Storybook of Legends' describes her hair as being knotted with feathers, snarls (tangles), braids and small bones and in the webisode 'Class Confusion' there is an obvious braid with beads and jewels. Baba Yaga has grey eyes and paints her long fingernails grey as in 'The Storybook of Legends' but they appear purple in the webisodes. She also flies on a broomstick.


Baba Yaga has a niece who is a singer called Lady Yaga.


The name 'Baba Yaga' comes from Slavic folklore. The character in folklore is described as a supernatural being who flies around in a mortar carrying a pestle. 'Baba' means 'old woman', Yaga appears in Slavic languages referring to such words as 'horror', 'evil', 'anger' and 'witch'.


Baba Yaga wears a pale blue top with long sleeves, a waistcoat with a fur trim and the waistcoat has gemstones dotted around it. She also wears a purple and dark blue patterned skirt with a patched brown wrap around her waist. She wears necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.